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Company Profile
The company a professional manufacturer of environmental protection equipment with sales network covering Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore and other areas. Having in-house project section and production line, the company mainly produces air-tight garbage compression storage equipment, automatic can compression distribution recycler, crushing machine, lift system, automatic dumping device, garbage & laundry conveyence piping and so on. Retail for customers or mass production for industry is very acceptable.
The current problem of garbage disposal
Fast accumulation of garbage and difficulty in dump seeking.
Non airtight storage effecting sanitaation and germ breeding.
Time-and-labor-consuming of refuse disposal, cost.
Messy that cannot accomplish the policy of "garbage not on the        
Benefits of compression & storage


Compression and storage performances save the space occupation.
Automatic control, easy disposal and labor saving.
Airtight storage, automatic sterilization and deodorization.
Fresh and clean for the policy of "garbage not on the ground.