Vertic GarbageDrop

Vertic GarbageDrop
A. Ventilation and fan
B. Sterilization and cleaning equipment
C. Vertical automatic cleaning device
D. Drop inlet
E. Vertical pipe steady
F. Floor space
G. Pipe pre-assembling followed by installation
H. Fire nozzle cap
I. Automatic fire gate
J. Pipe
K. Trash compactor and storage
The traditional garbage collection needs collector to clean
each floor of building by taking elevator, consequently the
staircase and passage are stained with sewage during
carrying as well as man power and energy are consumed
a lot. The novel system is a garbage drop equipment can
work with compactor for the whole building refuse disposal.
Apartment, office building, hotel, hospital, school, factory,
commercial building and shopping mall.
Vertical pipe size---500-600
Vertical pipe material---
SUS 304, 316 Galvanized steel, Aluminum Steel

Drop inlet
The drop inlet is installed after the wall finished, can be pre-painted or polished based on the color of tile or wall, shutter can be opened from left, right, top or bottom. Drop quantity can be set.
Roof ventilator
Roof ventilation pipe is directly connected with the upper vertical pipe. Ventilator is put on the top; the end extends to the louver or wall surface. If the garbage is discharged from the wall surface, a 90¢Xelbow is used. It can be added with insect screen
Vertical pipe rinse equipment
This is installed to the top of the vertical pipe, using TIMER for wall bucket lift control. Brush surrounding the bucket is for internal pipe wall rinse. There is a limit switch installed on both upper and lower rinse areas. Cleaning chemical is provided on the upper for automatic chemical dispensation.
Automatic chain lock device
To enhance the security of operator, "Time Delay" device is an option that can be installed on the garbage drop of each floor, automatically locked in case of fire. Only one person can drop the garbage each time normally, the time of delay open is within 5-200 seconds.